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Welcome to ABC Music Publishing


We are an independent music publisher representing some of Australia’s most recognised songwriters and composers. We believe that songwriting and composing is the heartland of the music business. We actively support and promote the works and creative paths of our songwriters and composers and provide a significant pivot point from which the ABC’s various music and media platforms can be accessed and explored.


Our songwriters simply write great songs. From alternative rock, rock/pop, folk, blues and roots to country, and to soul infused funk, urban genres and kids music, our songwriters are diverse stylistically and as artists. They make records, write songs for other artists and collaborate extensively with Australian and international co-writers.

Screen composers

We work with score composers who know that nothing enhances the moving image more than music. They compose thematic signature pieces for TV shows and feature films, as well as incidental tunes and underscores. They can deftly compose to a specific music brief and they understand the dynamics of reconciling music and film.