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Ben Dougherty

Member of alt country duo Texas Tea and indie composer for award winning short animated films like: An Imaginary Life (AFI Award Nominee & 1st Prize – Tropfest 2007), Help (1st Prize - Mitsubishi Supershort Series 2009), Following (1st Prize – Tropfest Telstra Mobile Masterpieces 2011), as well as several features and advertisements.
Ben understands the language of film and the practices involved in production. In the area of composition he’s interested in serving the story, and the collaborative process. Not classically trained but across many instruments and recording technologies and as interested in musical improvisation and experimentation as achieving a determined vision. 
In addition to being one half of Texas Tea Ben has been a member of a number of Brisbane garage rock acts. He is part of owner of boutique record label – Mere Noise Records, and has been involved in an array of releases in Australia and internationally. He’s toured throughout Australia and many times to Western Europe with several different acts.

Unused piece from Tropfest Cinema Advertisement 2010 

The Dark Waltz

From 1st Prize – Tropfest Telstra Mobile Masterpieces 2011

From a Steve Baker short animation

From Tropfest Cinema Advertisement 2010


California Death March - Download

Surveying the Fields - Download

Survivors - Download