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Danny Widdicombe

Danny’s first musical experience was in the womb. “My parents were living in London and while I was incubating they took me along to hear Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen’s famous 1975 Hammersmith Odeon concert and Led Zeppelin.”

His career looked bright until he was struck down by leukaemia when he was 19 he eventually won this battle ten years later and returned to music with his debut album “The Transplant Tapes” written during recovery from the bone marrow transplant that saved his life. Danny’s skills on the guitar lead him to some serious session work including playing lead guitar in the touring bands of Bernard Fanning and Tim Rogers. Since then Danny’ has toured the nation with his band The Wilson Pickers and has been busy writing and recording his latest album.

Danny's new album is a story of endurance. Find Someone is an album recorded and put together while leukaemia was spreading inside Danny Widdicombe. Danny was touring through Germany, The Netherlands and the UK, unaware of the cancer silently taking hold – until, at the climax of the tour, he collapsed and was rushed back to Australia to receive immediate treatment at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

He had already made a start on his new album Find Someone in Brisbane before he left, writing and recording mostly demos of new songs, capturing their essence with first-take recordings. In Berlin he wrote and recorded more songs and finally, as the new twist of events dawned on him, he even laid down some overdubs in the lead-lined radiation room in the hospital between bouts of chemotherapy.

As Danny’s health deteriorated, and he started to worry that this was to become a posthumous release, his long-time friend Lachlan ‘Magoo’ Goold picked up the reins and steered the album to completion, adding the final touches and his studio wizardry. More of Danny’s friends rallied behind him – some of Australia’s best musicians added their skills, people like Terepai Richmond, James Gillard, Luke Moller, Ben Salter, Andrew Morris, Grant Cummerford and Mel Robinson.

Buoyed by the support from his family and friends, and with his new album to focus his mind away from the everyday monotony of life in hospital, Danny managed to slowly regain some strength and return home to his wife and children.

But this is only the background story of a great album. Find Someone is full of well-written songs that range from Crazy Horse-style rock, through Berlin-inspired synthesiser groove pop to intimate, thought provoking nylon-string plucked songs that make it obvious why Danny is an award-winning songwriter and instrumentalist.