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Matt Blackman

With orchestral players for parents, the boy never really stood a chance. A close second to English, music was the universal language of the Blackman household and has restlessly simmered beneath Mattʼs skin ever since. The snotty, hyperactive kid took piano lessons from the age of six before being seduced in his early teens by the heady energy of rock music.

Helming numerous respected Sydney bands since the late ʻ90s (Purplene, Palace of Fire, Ukiyo-E, Tucker Bʼs, Firekites) Blackman has found myriad ways to meld his refined take on experimental rock with a deeply engrained understanding of orchestral scoring; most noticeably with his current incarnation - cinematic art-rock four piece Charge Group.

Matt does occasional session work and is currently working on his first feature film score. He likes new ideas, old synthesizers, strange tunings, late breakfasts and cooking Mexican food. He is an accomplished producer, lyricist, singer, pianist, guitarist and drummer.