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Richard Cuthbert

Richard was previously the singer and songwriter for the Sydney indie band Cuthbert and the Night Walkers. In 2012, after the break up of the band, Richard Cuthbert released his first solo album: Adventure Bay Rock.

When last drinks were called and the last guests left the party that was the indie-colour-wash of Cuthbert and the Night Walkers, Richard ran away to a remote island south of a remote island south of Australia called Bruny Island to start writing and recording songs for a new solo record. Not having to write for a ten or eleven or twelve piece band was a welcome freedom for Richard who started to write songs that were simpler and felt like his own. The record was finished at the end of 2011, mixed by Nick Franklin at JMC Music School, and released in 2012.

Richard also sings and writes for a country outfit in Sydney called the Green Mohair Suits and occasionally drums in garage rock smash Knits.

Currently in Berlin for the summer and Australia's winter to record the follow up to Adventure Bay Rock, Richard will see you in a few months for shows across Australia.

Richard wrote this bio by himself about himself in the third person so let's not be under any misapprehension there. He hopes you enjoy the songs. Visit his facebook page and tumblr. Download Adventure Bay Rock from his bandcamp.